Dorit Margreiter / Amie Siegel

Dorit Margreiter ; 
Amie Siegel
01.04.2006 - 07.05.2006

In her photos, videos and installations, Dorit Margreiter raises questions about how public spaces are experienced and about the individual's place in a globalised world, shaped by the media. She investigates the influence of the film and TV industries on the construction of reality, the development of urban structures, social spaces and cultural identities.

Amie Siegel, artist in the residence at the Edith Russ Site for Media Art in 2005, presents her newly developed works that are dealing with the representation of historical sites and the fictionalisation of history. In Berlin Remake she juxtaposes scenes from DEFA movies with her own shots, which faithfully recreate the original. An unexpected parallelism arises between past and present, familiar places and newly constructed historical contexts.