Independence – film premiere & talk

17. March 2024, 11:00

In cooperation with the Oldenburg State Theater and Cinema Casablanca.

Guests are the protagonist and co-author Helen Wendt and the DOP Philine von Düszeln. Moderated by Marcel Schwierin (Edith-Russ-Haus).

In German language.


A documentary film by Felix Meyer-Christian. Screenplay by Felix Meyer-Christian & Helen Wendt. With Helen Wendt. Camera: Philine von Dueszeln.

What does independence mean? The Afro-German actress Helen Wendt—who until recently performed at the Oldenburg State Theater—embarks on a search for traces of her family history, her identity and her independence, which takes her to the GDR, Mozambique and Berlin. At the same time, the film follows members of independence movements in Mozambique, South Sudan, Great Britain, Catalonia and Bavaria and asks what it means for people to fight for their freedom. What does independence mean and how do colonialism and racism still shape the world today?

Awarded twice with the Max Ophüls Preis: Best Documentary Film—Film Critics' Award, Best Music in a Documentary Film!