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Oceans – Dialogues between ocean floor and water column

Ozeane – Dialoge zwischen Meeresgrund und Wassersäule

Exhibition by Armin Linke

6 July - 24 September 2017

within the Science Year 2016*17 – Seas and Oceans



For more than twenty years now, Armin Linke’s work has dealt with how mankind uses technology and knowledge to transform and develop the Earth’s surface to adapt it to humanity’s needs. His films and photographs are observations of the changes humans have made to the land, oceans, and biosphere.

In his new project, Oceans – Dialogues between ocean floor and water column, Linke dives into the fascinating worlds of the open ocean and the deep sea, in a historical moment when research about these realms has gained importance as never before. With camera in hand, he accompanied scientists, representatives of public research institutions, and other global actors to observe their different procedures and show the interconnections that affect all of their activities.

Oceans – Dialogues between ocean floor and water column will take the form of two multi-channel video installations designed to the architectural specifications of the Edith-Russ-Haus and will include scientific deep sea recordings and video interviews.

Oceans is an official project of the Year of Science 2016*17 – Seas and Oceans, a programme of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The project was commissioned and co-produced by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary–Academy (www.TBA21.org). The exhibition at the Edith-Russ-Haus is supported by the Oldenburgische Landesbank AG (OLB) and the State of Lower Saxony.

The project has been realised in collaboration with Giulia Bruno (camera, editing), Giuseppe Ielasi (sound, editing), Renato Rinaldi (sound) and Kati Simon (project management). Special thanks to GEOMAR and MARUM, especially to Sarah Kaehlert and Nils Strackbein, for the valuable assistance with ROV Video Archive.


Oceans, Videostill © Armin Linke


Science Year 2016*17 – Seas and Oceans

Marine sciences are the topic of the science year 2016*17. Seas and oceans cover about 71 per cent of our planet.   They are a source of food, an economic space and they influence our climate – and they provide a habitat for plants and animals. Scientists have been exploring the oceans for hundreds of years, and yet they still are a mystery and, to a large extent, uncharted. The Science Year 2016*17 – Seas and Oceans is about the exploration and protection of the seas as well as about a sustainable usage. The Science Years are a joint initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Science in Dialogue (WiD). As a key means of communicating research, the Science Years bring research into the public eye and support the dialogue between research and society. Science Year 2016*17 is supported by the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) as specialist partner.

About TBA21–Academy

TBA21–Academy is a site of cultural production and transdisciplinary research, initiated by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary. Conceived as a moving platform on the oceans, it brings together artists, researchers, and thinkers from various fields concerned with today’s most urgent ecological, social, and economic issues. Through its expeditions on sea and land, the Academy seeks to reinvent the culture of exploration in the 21st century, while inciting knowledge creation, new modes of collaboration, and the coproduction of solutions for the pressing environmental challenges of today.


Armin Linke: OZEANE. Dialoge zwischen Meeresgrund und Wassersäule, 2017, Videostill. Courtesy of the artist und © ROV Video Archivmaterial: GEOMAR – Helmholtz Zentrum für  Ozeanforschung Kiel und MARUM – Zen­trum für Ma­ri­ne Um­welt­wis­sen­schaf­ten der Uni­ver­si­tät Bre­men.


Curator's Walk through the current exhibition  Oceans – Dialogues between ocean floor and water column.

In german language with the curator and director of the Edith Russ Haus, Marcel Schwierin on the 22nd of August, 6pm.

In english language with the curator and director of the Edith Russ Haus, Edit Molnár on the 12th of September at 6pm.

No registration necessary. Regular entry fees apply.

                                            Armin Linke: OZEANE., 2017, Videostill. Courtesy
                                            of the artist und © ROV Video Archivmaterial:
                                            GEOMAR – Helmholtz Zentrum für  Ozeanforschung
                                            Kiel und MARUM – Zen­trum für Ma­ri­ne 
                                            Um­welt­wis­sen­schaf­ten der Uni­ver­si­tät Bre­men.

Videoinstallation in Oldenburg's Pulverturm

Sonia Boyce – For you, only you

12th of August – 24th of September 2017

Exhibition opening in the Pulverturm on Friday, the 11th of August, 7pm!


With her 3-screen video installation For you, only you, British artist Sonia Boyce transforms Oldenburg’s Pulverturm (former gunpowder magazine) into a sacral concert hall. She also fuses the world of early Renaissance music with the contemporary Dadaist vocals of Greek sound artist Mikhail Karikis. Karikis’ treatment of the motet Tu solus qui facis mirabilia – You Alone Work Miracles by Josquin Desprez (1450–1521) takes apart the original score to build a wholly new piece upon the ruins. The 15-minute installation is not only a meditation on original art and contemporary art’s appropriation of it but also evolves as a mini-battle between various musical formats.


  For you, only you © Sonia Boyce

For you, only you is the latest in the Edith Russ Haus’ exhibition series, which sets the Pulverturm, one of Oldenburg’s oldest buildings, in relation both to music and video art.

Sonia Boyce has been a key figure in the Black British arts scene since the early 1980s. Photography, collage, film, printing, drawing, installation and sound rank among her broad-ranging media, as does collaboration with other artists. Her work has been shown inter alia at the Venice, Göteborg, Thessaloniki and Sharjah Biennales, and acquired by the Tate Modern, among others.


12th of August – 24th of September 2017
Opening Hours: Friday 2 – 6pm| Saturday and Sunday 11am – 6pm

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