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ArchiSound with Mark Bain

28 March 2003 - 04 May 2003
The American artist Mark Bain works on the interface of acoustics and architecture. »Sonusphere« is his new, monumental piece specifically designed for the Edith-Ruß-Haus and its surrounding terrain.
Its basis is an interest in the micro-sounds which travel through the materials surrounding us, in this case the sound of the earth itself. Modified seismic sensors pick up the normally unheard movements of the earth and are channeled through the entire building until reaching a 'crescendo' in Bain's sonusphere. Unique in its purpose and design, the sonusphere is essentially a wired, inflatable ball that fills the entire upper floor and takes signals generated from an acoustic network running through the entire architecture. It acts as a low frequency, 360 degree, acoustic radiator translating the sound to its curved walls as physically pulsating sound pressure.

Soundfile of the installation, 2 min. (mp3)


28 March 2003, 20:00

Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art, Katharinenstraße 23, D-26121 Oldenburg, Tel.: +49(0)441/235-3208, Fax.: +49(0)441/235-2161
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