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Katharina Sieverding and Klaus Mettig

16 March 2005, 19:00
Artist: Katharina Sieverding, Klaus Mettig
In their works, Katharina Sieverding and Klaus Mettig address topics concerning society, such as identity, individuality, society itself, and the technization of human beings and nature. They employ photography, film, and video, as well as images from the media, such as of refugees and war, in their works. Both artists are interested in prompting a dialogue stemming from contemplative observation. This talk with the artists on occasion of the "ULTRA ENDURA Katharina Sieverding Klaus Mettig"exhibition offers the chance for others to enter into this dialogue with them.

The joint exhibition showing selected works of both artists also makes it possible to recognize the contextual and aesthetic connections between their works and to discuss them.

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition will also be presented at this event.
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