Prize for emerging media artists

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Prize for emerging media artists of the Sparda Bank 2013

The Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art has awarded two grants (€3,000 each) for artistic works in the field of media art. With this award, the Edith-Russ-Haus wishes to honour new approaches to media art and support the award-winners with both prize money and an exhibition. The Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art Grant is intended to promote the careers of emerging media artists in a sustainable way.

Awards are given to existing works from the broad spectrum of media art, from net-based projects or video art to audio or audio-visual installations.


The advertisement was answered by 271 applications from all over the world.

The Jury for the stipends and the price consisted of:


Dr. Claudia Giannetti
Maria Pallier
Prof. Dennis P. Paul
Prof. Dr. Nils Röller


Prof. Dr. Norval Baitello Junior
Roberta Bosco
Dr. Claudia Giannetti
Prof. Hartmut Jahn

For more information about the Jury member click here.


The Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art Awards for Emerging Media Artists 2013, each endowed with € 3,000 and an exhibition, go to:

ss-io (Hyun Ju Song and Mi Lyoung Bae): "The Moment"
Generative audiovisual installation

Kuai Shen Auson Ortega: "Oh!m1gas:biomimetic stridulation environment"
Sound-reactive installation

Jury Statements


ss-io (Hyun Ju Song and Mi Lyoung Bae): "The Moment"
Generative audiovisual installation

The jury was convinced by the poetic and formal quality of the work The Moment (2012) by the Weimar-based Korean artist Hyun Ju Song (*1979 in Seoul) and the sound artist Mi Lyoung Bae (*1979 in Pyeongtaek), who lives and works in Seoul. They transform kinetic Latin letters into sentences from paradigmatic texts by world-renowned authors (Camus, Kierkegaard, Lacan, Confucius, Sartre, etc.). The letters are playfully disassembled and made to dance, resulting in an abstract ballet that again turns into words and sentences. The generative audiovisual installation by Hyun Ju Song and Mi Lyoung Bae generates an exciting atmosphere as one anticipates the moment of its readability. The sequences of words that develop in this way feature either clear, senseless, or irrational messages. The artists build a bridge between eastern and western cultures by means of our primary means of communication: the written language.


Kuai Shen Auson Ortega: "Oh!m1gas:biomimetic stridulation environment"
Sound-reactive installation

The sound-reactive installation Oh!migas: biomimetic stridulation environment by the Cologne-based Ecuadorian artist Kuai Shen Auson (*1978 in Guayaquil) is the result of an extended artistic and scientific research process that was initially presented as a prototype in various exhibitions but was not completed until 2012, ultimately becoming a technohybrid work of bio art. Both the concept as well as the technical, plastic, and formal framework of the research project persuaded the jury. For many years now, Kuai Shen Auson has been observing a leafcutter ant colony (Atta cephalotes), a species that is known for its exemplary sense of community and its perfect symbiosis with the environment. With this work the artists wants to draw attention to a possible social and political structure in which close cooperation in all areas of life is decisive for the survival of the community. Thus, this work becomes both a model of as well as criticism of our current postindustrial and individualistic social development.
The ant colony lives and works in a glass structure created by the artist that will be presented in the exhibition space. The movements and activities of the insects will be transformed into sound and images in real time.


Both works were presented at Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art during the exhition of the Media Art Awards 2013.

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